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“ Just relax ……

everything is taken care by our extremely

professional team “

Based on our experiences, we have learned that how our customers feel about moving of their personal belongings and valuable items. Moving in their mind is stressful time and sometimes is very complicated.

During packing, customers will meet the packing crews who have probably different attitude, culture and language and they ensure their personal possession to be packed by them.  The question in their mind is whether their personal effects are secured and protected well during packing.

During shipment and at destination, customers are wondering about their belongings whether they are safe and secured during shipment and no broken or damaged at their final destination.

At Sendai, due to our deep understanding of our customers, we strive to make everything as simple and easy as possible and we can make a very stressful time to be a very pleasant time.

At Sendai, our packing crews will be always supervised by Sendai Executive who has long years of experience in the field. Our crews will pack all items by strict guidelines using the correct protection packing materials.

Sendai has built a reputation for world-class household goods move whether our customers are moving across the globe, Sendai has knowledge and resources to make their move experience as hassle-free as possible. Using our worldwide network of overseas agents, customers can relax in the knowledge that their personal belongings and valuable items arrived safely and handled carefully at their final destination.