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Full Setting

After placement of each package in proper room, our crews will start unpacking all packages both large items and small items then setting them up, item per item to proper place in each room.

a. Living Room

Living Room                   

All  large furnitures such as sofa, dining table set, display cabinet and other large items will be unpacked and set up in proper place. All glasswares, crystals, dishes and other small glass ornaments which must be displayed, will be arranged and put properly in display cabinet.

b. Master Bed Room

Master Bed Room                   

Usually, our crew will start unpacking and setting up large items such as wardrobe, dresser, drawer cabinet and so on, then open all boxes which normally content clothes, cosmetics, accessories and other small items and put each item at proper place. Finally, our crew will unpack and install your bed and bedding set.

c. Bedroom & Study Room

 Study Room                 

Normally, this room is for child and/or study room which consist of bed, wardrobe, bookshelf/book case, desk, etc. Our crew firstly will unpack and  set those items up , then open all boxes especially small boxes which content books, stationeries and albums. All books will be put  in bookshelf/book case  and others will be put at proper place.

d. Kitchen Room


Our crew will unpack mostly boxes which content dishes, glasses, plasticware and other kitchenware items ,then put those item to kitchen cabinet set.

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