Required Documents


The following documents are required for customs clearance of used household goods and personal effects shipment.

1. Export/Outbound From Indonesia

  • A copy of Passport (only picture page and personal details)
  • A copy of Resident Card (KITAS), front and back side
  • Contact Details such as full address, telephone numbers at destination country

2. Import/Inbound To Indonesia

    a. Shipping Documents  from Agent

        1. A copy of Surrendered Master B/L & House B/L

        2. A copy of Packing List and Commercial Invoice


    b. Personal Documents from consignee/customer

        1. For Foreigners :

             – Original Passport

             – Original Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAS) with 12 months validity

             – Original Work Permit (IKTA) with 12 months validity

        2. For Embassy :

             – Original Passport

             – PP8 Letter issued by Department of Indonesia Foreign Affair

   – Official Visa with one year validity

         3. For Indonesia citizenship (Returning Citizens)

             – Original Passport

             – Original Assignment/Re-assignment Letter from Indonesian embassy

             – Original Packing List endorsed by Indonesian Embassy

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