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Port to door residence service is handling of your move of used households goods & personal effect came from your country or overseas country to your residence in Indonesia, starting from documentation, customs clearance, delivery to your residence, unloading/unpacking, full setting, and removal of debris at the time of delivery.

Our service includes the following :

Normal Customs Clearance, Documentation, Delivery to Residence, Unloading, Unpacking/Full Setting, Removal of Debris at the time of delivery, Returning of Empaty Container.

But excludes the following :

Impor Customs Duties or Taxes, if any, Additional Port Storage/Warehouse after 3 working days free time, Container Demurrage/Detention, Sunday/Holiday Delivery, Split or Second Address Delivery.

Steps of inbound service as follows :

1. Documentation

We must receive from shipper/agent and consignee/customer at latest 3 days prior to vessel arrival at Indonesian port for customs clearance.

2. Customs Clearance

After vessel arrival, normally it takes 3 working days for FCL (Full Container Loaded) and 5-7 working days for LCL (Less than a Container Loaded) shipment for customs clearance and delivery to residence in condition that all documentations are in order.

Used Household Goods & Personal Effects are duty free under the following conditions :

         Arrival of shipment (s) in Indonesia must before 6 (six) months of the date of issuance of residence permit (KITAS) and work permit (IKTA).

         All items have been used by the consignee/importer for priod of not less that 12 months prior to entry to Indonesia

If the consignee/importer/owner does not meet above duty free conditions, all items eventhough used are considered dutiable.



               during customs clearance

3. Delivery

After completion of all customs clearance formalities, your shipment of used household goods & personal effects will be delivered to your residence as your final destination.

For FCL (Full Container Loaded) shipment, the container will be delivered to outside or near by your residence.

4. Unloading


Unloading of your goods from container can be checked directly by you according to the packing list and they will be transported by small open truck if your residence in apartment.

5. Full Setting

Full Setting                          

We normally ask you to check each package of your goods and instruct our crews to place it in proper room of your house until completion of delivery of all packages as mentioned in packing list.

After completion of work, we will ask you to evaluate all we have done by filling in Delivery Report .

6. Removal of packing debris


All packing debris will be collected and cleaned up by our crew outside/corridor of your house. After completion of unpacking and setting up all packages, all debris are ready to remove from your house area and no even one piece of debris is left.

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