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Packing Method

a.      Furniture Items

furniture items

All furniture and large items such as sofa, display cabinet, bookshelf, desk, piano  and other wooden furniture items will be packed by using coated paper first in order to protect surface of polished furniture then, wrapped by  air bubble pack and finally protected by corrugated double ply carton sheet . In case of display cabinet, top of desk, side table and others with glasses will be added styrofoam before air bubble pack and final protection.

b.      Delicate Items

Delicate Items

Valuable and delicate items such as glassware, crystal, fine china and other fragile items are wrapped by air bubble pack then put inside carton box vertically.

c.       Clothes


Hanging clothes will put inside standing wardrobe or laydown ( flat) carton and other clothes which are can be folded are wrapped by newsprint paper then put inside carton box.

d.      Paintings & Artwork


Paintings, picture frames, statue and other artworks are wrapped first by coated paper, followed by styrofoam then wrapped by air bubble pack and as last protection will be packed by corrugated carton sheet

e.      Electronics


Electronic items such as television set, audio set, radios, computer set and so on are using styrofoam and air bubble pack, then put inside carton box or packed by corrugated carton sheet in case of big size

f.        Small and heavy items

small & heavy items

Books, files and other small & heavy items such as stone decoration will be put inside small box.

g.      Other items

other items

Other items such as kitchenware, tupperware, plasticware will be wrapped by air bubble pack then put inside box

h. Special Care & Protection


Wooden case/crate may be required for more extra care & protection such as piano, marble or for shipment by LCL (Less than a Container Loaded). However, some of destination countries require the fumigation for wooden case before shipment.

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