Packing Material



* Coated Paper              For protection of surface of polished wooden furniture, painting, frame, wooden statue
* Air Bubble Pack          For wrapping breakable and fragile items and for second protection for furniture items
* Small Carton Box        For book, stationary, files and small & heavy items
* Medium Carton Box     For kitchenware, glassware, crystal, shoes, ornaments,  folded clothes after wrapping
* Styrofoam                  For protection of glasses of all furniture items, mirror, frame/artwork
* Standing Wardrobe     For hanging clothes
* Laydown (flat) Carton For hanging clothes to reduce volume due to limited space
* Newsprint Paper        For wrapping quilt, blanket, shoes and clothes which are can be folded
* Corrugated Sheet       For final protection of furniture and large items

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