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Overseas Door to Door



Door to door move service is coordinating many steps. Starting from survey and packing your belongings at your residence and shipping at origin country to your arrival destination country which will be undertaken by our a worldwide  network of overseas agent then your cargo will be delivered to your residence at final destination.

Steps of door to door service are as follows :

1. Pre-move Survey & Quotation

Survey for your move requirements will be done by our consultant. During meeting with you, the consultant will record the items to be packed and will provide with detailed information related to the packing & shipping and required documents for custom clearance at origin and destination country.

Based on survey details, the quotation will be sent to you within a couple days which is included price based on surveyed volume, packing & shipping date and other specific requirements.

2. Documentation

After acceptance of our quotation, we need a certain documents from you for booking vessel and making export custom clearance formalities.

3. Packing

packing 2

1 or 2 days before packing, you are requested to get Move-Out Permit from your tenant/residence management.

Our Executive and packing crews will arrive at your residence as scheduled along with packing materials. While the crews are starting their job, the executive will consult again with you to ensure there are no misunderstandings about what is to be packed  by putting labels on items and if you pack any carton box by yourself, leave it open for  recording the items inside box.  Make sure that you keep your travel documents and valuable items such as passport, jewelry and money into your personal carrier.


Every piece of your personal belongings both large and small items will be protected  by using the latest packing materials in order to eliminate breakage and damages to goods. Each package of your goods will be listed in Packing List and to be signed by you upon completion of packing.

Working Time :

1.  Packing & Loading for 20ft container (FCL), about 28 M3 will be conducted within one day (08:30am – 17:00pm)

2.  Packing & Loading for 40ft container (FCL), about 58 M3 will be conducted within 1 1/2 day or if requested by customer, it will be one day (08:30-20:00)


4. Shipment

Once you decided to use our services for your move, we directly arrange vessel booking for your goods by using reputable shipping line and will provide the shipment schedule in details as per your move plan.

We will handle all formalities of export custom clearance and its documentation and we ensure you that shipment of your goods will arrive as scheduled at destination port.


5. Delivery

After shipment of your goods, we will send all shipping documents such as Bill of Lading & Packing List/Commercial Invoice and other related documents to our appointed agent in your destination country. Before 2-3 days of vessel arrival, our agent will contact you to coordinate the documentation and fix customs clearance and delivery date.

The required documents for custom clearance at destination country for foreigners normally are :

Original Passport, Original Work Permit for one year validity, Original Residence Permit/Card, Customs forms (America, Australia, UK), Yellow Card (Vietnam).

Normally, service at destination includes the following :

Normal Customs Clearance, Documentation, Delivery to Residence, Unloading/Unpacking/Placement of Furniture, Removal of Debris at the time of delivery, Returning of Empaty Container.

But excludes the following :

Import Customs Duties or Taxes, if any, Additional Port Storage/Warehouse, Container Demurrage/Detention, Sunday/Holiday Delivery, Split or Second Address Delivery.

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